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Hot water circulator

 Circulating has a very small motor typically 1/120 to 1/20 horsepower. They can't produce much head (pressure) and as a result, end up with very low flow rates. Most circulating pumps will not even turn on a tank water heater.

¬†Hot Water Re-circulating System is a pump and valve combination that delivers hot water in an instant to any faucet or bath in your home.  It uses the pump at the water heater along with the patented under-sink sensor valve installed furthest away from the water heater.  This combination creates a pressure differential that allows the cold and cool water in the hot water supply

East Harlem Plumbing and Heating specializes in installation of a range of hot water services. Installing a circulation pump for a water heater is a method for obtaining a constant hot water situation at most faucet locations that the pumps return pipe is connected.

Shut off all electrical power and main water pressure to the hot water heater. This may entail the closing of the main water valve to the home depending on the plumbing situation in your own residence